Self-Development, Health & Wellbeing

(for all)

We are

We offer customized yoga, breathwork, meditation & coaching programs in order to improve
self-development, health and wellbeing to as many people as possible.

YOOKE is a social business: by offering in-company programs for organizations,
we are able to support community yoga programs.

So everybody benefits from a healthy practice.




The foundation of our programs is the ancient practice of yoga: connecting body, mind and spirit through body poses, controlled breathing and meditation. But.. we are not a yoga school. We offer learning programs for both experienced, beginner and non-yoga practitioners. We combine yoga classes with customized coaching programs. If you want to work on self-development, personal leadership and/or sustainable recovery and healing from (recurring) injuries, we are here for you. Simply put: we use your experience ‘on the mat’ to tackle personal, work-related, mental, emotional and physical challenges ‘off the mat’.

Our programs are for you, when you:

Aim at getting stronger physically and mentally and would like to improve your overall health and wellbeing – Look for releasing tension, by decreasing and managing your stress levels – Want to increase your levels of self-awareness & become more mindful – Want to promote your self-leadership (decision-making, prioritizing, changing your habits, increasing your sense of belonging) – Want to deepen and expand your yoga practice – Want to work on progress in your life and have a lot of fun on the side!


We offer a wide range of yoga styles: vinyasa flow (different levels), yang-yin, soft flow and breathwork & meditation classes. There’s intention-setting in each class and small parts of yoga philosophy are interwoven in classes. We use different kinds of props (i.e. blocks, bolsters, belts, cushions, blankets) to enhance the physical alignment of the body and work with essential oils to either calm or stimulate the body and mind.


It’s just not ‘one size fits all’! So our coaching programs are based upon your needs and desired learning outcomes. We offer the necessary guidance and coaching to transfer learning experiences from the yoga mat to real life. Methods of coaching are: progress focused coaching, motivational interviewing and creativity in coaching.