This is what we stand for

We believe in promoting health, wellbeing and self-development for all, thus contributing to a better, more just and more peaceful world.

We bring yoga, breathwork and meditation to a diverse range of people to include more people in the (benefits of) these practices.

By offering (in-company) self-development programs based on the yogapractice and by redistributing part of the profits towards outreaching community yogaprograms.

This is who we are

We are a social business start-up. Our ambition is to grow into a collective of dedicated and highly qualified yogateachers. We share an equal sense of urgency in reaching out with the practice into organizations and towards specific target groups excluded from these beneficial practices. Are you a yoga teacher with an outreaching program and would you like to join YOOKE? All you have to do is contact us.

‘It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, what is essential is invisible to the eyes.’

After her first yoga class, over 20 years ago, Sharon felt a deep sense of calm and contentment. She had never experienced this sense of connection before, not with any other sports or activities. This tasted like more, and the yoga practice became her compass through different phases in her life. Yoga made her stronger, more grounded and healthier – not only physically, but also mental-emotionally. Yoga gave her more insights in herself, her relationships with others and the world around her. She completed the 500hr Vinyasa Teacher Training at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam and developed a deep love for the art of teaching. Het classes are a combination of flow (either physically challenging or softly calming the nervous system), technical alignment, philosophy and humour. ‘Teaching yoga felt like a very natural step. I could build upon the teaching and coaching skills that I developed in my professional career as a manager in education. Now that YOOKE is born, I feel that I can integrate my entrepreneurial qualities and connect these to the impact I would like to create: firstly making the practice of yoga more inclusive, bringing the benefits of the practice to all kinds of people in different settings and at the same time supporting outreaching yoga programs for the community. Secondly, enforcing and deepening the benefits of the practice through customized coaching programs to inspire and empower people towards a system of self-practice and self-care.
With YOOKE all my previous work and life experience comes together and I am extremely grateful for this path in my life.’

Outreaching yoga

Although yoga-business is booming, a lot of people are still excluded from this beneficial practice. Be it because of lack of funds (an average single yoga class in Amsterdam will cost you about 17 euros), unfamiliarity with the practice (‘you have to be flexible to practice yoga’) or socio-cultural boundaries (‘yoga is a traditional Hindu practice). Demographic research shows that yoga practitioners are predominantly female, white, from upper socioeconomic status, educated and middle aged. At YOOKE we believe that everybody deserves the same opportunities in self-development. This is why we support outreaching yoga programs for the community.


To SHARE is the core of our work: by sharing we make sure that everybody gets their share. So these are our pillars: SELF-DEVELOPMENT, HEALING, AWARENESS, REST, EXPERIENCE.

We love simplicity: practicing yoga is just good for you. And we believe that with a little extra attention in the form of customized coaching the benefits will be multiplied. So why not let as many people as possible benefit from these benefits? This is why we support outreaching yoga projects for the community. Not just as a ‘do good at the side’ but as part of the core of our business. This means that part of the profits is redistributed towards outreaching programs.


– ‘A connection (like a clamp or vise) between two things so they move together /
link with or as with a yoke’ . Synonyms: link – become joined or linked together.
– The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj, means to yoke or bind, and is often
interpreted as ‘union’ or a method of discipline.


The infinity symbol is a geomatric symbol, called a lemniscate, representing the concept of  infinity. This powerful symbol represents:

What goes around, comes around’, one of the fundamental laws in our universe, also known as the law of cause and effect (karma yoga). 

As above, so below’. When the lemniscate is turned up as an 8; above resembles the cosmos and below the earth. People are in balance when they manifest themselves firmly in the middle and take use of both energies; earth and air. 

A sign of protection between ‘white’ and ‘black’, as a means of maintaining energetical balance

In several healing practices the lemniscate is manifested as the ‘Zonar-symbol’; a very powerful symbol that is capable of releasing and healing deep blockages in the different levels of the body.